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Read8 Give8 Modul8

Ethan and I are running a Challenge called the Read8, Give8 & Modul8 Challenge

Please send photos of yourselves, your family, friends and pets (he!he!) , reading , giving and modul8ting to info@modulargold.com. We will be creating a collage!!



Read 8 books this year : Reading increases knowledge and with the increase in knowledge comes an increase in tolerance, creating a better community.

With millions of books out there, an easy way to select books is by genre. See below some suggestions in each genre for the month. Do you have any suggestions?


Give 8: Raise funds for your local cancer research. There are 8 months until the end of the year, please give at least 8 units of your local currency to your local cancer research organisation. In Qatar, please give at least 8 riyals to the Qatar Cancer Society, for India 8 rupees, for Greece 8 Euros, for the UK donate at least 8 pounds.  The purpose of this is that each person helps their local cancer charity. There is no one collecting funds or no website to send funds to. It is geared towards each community.


Modul8: To modulate means to exert a modifying or controlling influence on , to regulate, to harmonise. Lend your voices and create awareness, speak about it and speak to each other to combat the scourge of cancer. 

Every year nationally recognized, non-profit organizations that provide support, education, and awareness for individual cancers assign awareness months and ribbon colours to each month in the year. In Qatar, the Qatar Cancer Society, organises awareness events and fundraising for each month. Please check with your local cancer charity for the awareness events and campaigns. 





Book Genre: Thriller ( Da Vinci Code, The Maltese Falcon, The Key to Rebecca, The Firm, Step on a Crack, Blind Veil, Shibumi and Gone)

Lung Cancer Awareness / No Tobacco Day Events and Awareness

Grey Ribbon


التوعية بسرطان الرئة / لا توجد أحداث وتوعية

بمرض التبغ

الشريط الرمادي










Book Genre: History & Biographies ( Steve Jobs, 1776, Cleopatra- A Life, The True History of the Elephant Man, A Beautiful Mind, Malcolm X a Life of Reinvention, I am Malala and The Book Thief )

Survivors Awareness Campaigns / National Cancer Survivors Day

Yellow Ribbon



حملات التوعية الناجيات / اليوم الوطني للناجين من السرطان

الشريط الأصفر










Book Genre: Best Book Covers ( Ash, Memoirs of A Geisha, Windblowne, The Book of Lost Things, Because I am Furniture, The Devil Wears Prada, Hush Hush and The Chronicles of Narnia )


Bladder Cancer Awareness Campaigns 

Purple , Blue and Yellow Ribbon



حملات التوعية بسرطان المثانة

الشريط الأرجواني والأزرق والأصفر






Book Genre: Paranormal/ Horror/ Gothic ( Christine, Dracula, Twilight Series, Lord of the Flies, American Psycho, The Phantom of the Opera, Strangers and The Shining )


Blood Cancer Awareness Campaigns 

Red Ribbon



حملات التوعية بسرطان الدم

شريط احمر




Book Genre: Children’s Books ( Dog Man, Oh! The Places You Will Go, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Aesop’s Fables, Mary Poppins, The Five Chinese Brothers, The Lorax and Matilda )

Child Cancer Awareness Campaigns 

Gold Ribbon



حملات التوعية بسرطان الطفل

الشريط الذهبي





Book Genre: Female authors/ Best female Lead characters/ Heroine/ Feminist   ( Gone With The Wind, Pride and Prejudice, The Colour Purple, A Wrinkle In Time, Sense and Sensibility, NW,  The Women’s Room and We Should All Be Feminists )

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns 

Pink Ribbon


شهر اكتوبر

حملات التوعية بسرطان الثدي

الشريط الوردي






Book Genre: Male authors/ Best Male Lead characters/ Heroes ( The Odyssey, The Color of Water, Einstein-His Life and Universe, Holes, Death of A Salesman, Wonder, the Rest of Us Just Live Here and Human.4

 Cancer Awareness Campaigns for Men/ Prostate Cancer Awareness

Blue Ribbon


شهر نوفمبر

حملات التوعية ضد السرطان للرجال / التوعية

بسرطان البروستاتا





Book Genre: 2018 BestSellers ( Little Fires Everywhere, The Great Alone, Girl Wash Your Face, Accidental Heroes, Burn Bright, Becoming, Fire and Fury and One of Us Is Lying  )

Reflect on the Year 2018

( Qatar Cancer Society have no planned campaigns at the moment)







Be Modular, Stay Gold!



Read8, Give8 & Modul8! 



Christine and Ethan xx








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May 26, 2018

8 responses to “Read8 Give8 Modul8”

  1. Mag says:

    What a great challenge to encourage others to participate in! I participate in a cancer study in order to honor a friend who died.

  2. Melissa says:

    Love this! I’m always looking for good reads and I love that this challenge also gives back!

  3. Erin says:

    This is an amazing idea! Not only do you get more knowledge and enjoyment, but it helps cancer too. Where’s the downside?!

  4. modulargold says:

    Hi Mag , so sorry for your loss. I hope we can all come together and find a cure. So
    many lives have been lost.

  5. modulargold says:

    Thank you Erin for joining in. Its also a plus finding a great book isnt it?

  6. Marcie Cheung says:

    I’m also hoping to read more books this year! And I’m trying to add in audiobooks for the car!

  7. This is great! Such a good idea. I can’t even remember the last time I read an entire book… kind of sad.

  8. Karolina says:

    This is one awesome challenge! Plus this is also a great source of the recommended books;)

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