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The Terrible Power of House Rabbit 

A Boy and his Book Review 




Book: The Terrible Power of House Rabbit 

Author: Susan Gates
Number of pages: 63
Publisher: Oxford Treetops
Language: English

Qatar National Library call number: Not available in Qatar National Library
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The Story

This is a story about a house rabbit, a boy , a boy’s little brother, the boys friend , Mum and Dad that face the menacing eye of the house rabbit.


What I thought

I thought the story was unbelievable.


New words/Nuggets I learnt:

Bleak : lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements ; cold and misearable

Sinister: evil or criminal 

Fanatic : a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for a particular activity especially religion or a political cause.

Lolloped : move in an ungainly way in a series of clumsy paces

Downright: utter or complete ( usually used to describe something bad or unpleasant) 


Golden Nugget rating (out of 5)







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I’m Golden !




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May 7, 2018

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