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Yalla!! Yolo!! Let’s Go- New Zealand’s North Island with Qatar Airways

8 Of The Best Things To Do In New Zealand’s North Island


New Zealand is such a beautiful country. With gorgeous and diverse landscapes, amazing hikes and some of the best views in the world, the North Island is one of the most awe inspiring places we have been to.  Did I mention how nice New Zealanders are?We explored the North Island driving from Wellington to Rotorua,

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Languages spoken: English/ Maori 


1. Visit a Living Maori Village 


The highlight of the trip was visiting the living Maori village of Whakerewarewa. For years the Tuhourangi/ Ngati tribe have welcomed visitors (including Queen Elizabeth!!), to experience the authentic Maori culture. The Geothermal Wonderland based in Rotorua, has geothermal vents, boiling hot pools and bubbling muds. A guide takes you round the village, showing you how the locals harness the power of the geothermal energy for their daily needs. 



2. Climb every mountain or maybe just one!



New Zealand is a country blessed with a lot of plateau mountains, which are high levels of flat land. Perfect for climbing for all ages and fitness levels. 



3. Camping and Campervanning


Ditch creature comforts and the cushy hotel for a day or two and set off into the wild. New Zealand is a country made for outdoors. There are lots of campsites and the apps Rankers NZ and  Campermate are great for finding campsites or caravan parks. 



4. Cycle along the coast of Napier 


Beautiful Napier has some of the most visually inspiring and safest cycle routes. Hire Bikes (Napier City Bike Hire and Tours) and set off on the cycle path to discovery. 



5. Time Travel at TePapa Museum


Te Papa Museum is another wonderful place to visit and learn the art, culture and history of New Zealand. You can also stroll around the amazing waterfront and read some of the wonderful quotes from New Zealand’s writers captured in large stone sculptures.



6. Walk (or hopscotch!) along the Wellington Harbour


The Wellington Waterfront is such a great place to play( Frank Kitts Park) or catch a play (Circa Playhouse) eat ( CrabShack/ Foxglove Bar & Kitchen) , explore ( Heritage trails/ TePapa/ Wellington Museum ) or take a walk and just breathe!!


7.  Feel the Heat! Literally!


The Taupo Volcanic Zone in the North Islands has the highest concentration of geothermal pools. Some of the natural geysers can reach heights of up to 100 m and erupt about 15 to 20 times a day. This amazing natural display will leave you mesmerized. 



8. Read a Book 


The North Island has a lot of great bookstores and book shops. Really old ones, new ones, alternative ones, kitschy ones, classic ones, bookstores with cafes, bookstores at the Museum. It’s the place to get the best deals on bookstores. Pop into The Ferret bookshop established in 1979, at 175 Cuba St. Wellington for a nosy around the vast collection of books.  Piggery Books in Whangarei has a lot of antique and rare books, worth popping in for a browse. The legendary Hard to Find secondhand bookshop in Onehunga Auckland stocks “hard to find books” and is an excellent place to find rare gems. Millwood Gallery on Tinakori Rd is a combined art gallery and bookshop. Unity Books with stores in Wellington and Auckland have enough books to keep any bibliophile happy for weeks. Book Shops at TePapa Museum also offer local literature and childrens books at great prices.


New Zealand is definitely one destination to put on your must visit list.


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April 17, 2018

7 responses to “Yalla!! Yolo!! Let’s Go- New Zealand’s North Island with Qatar Airways”

  1. Wow, truly, New Zealand is really scenic and I’ve been dreaming to traipse my feet here.

  2. Patricia G says:

    Wow! When I went to New Zealand some years ago, it was really beautiful. Like you, I really liked the scenery there. One thing I did not know though is that New Zealand had a lot of bookstores! I LOVE books! 🙂

  3. Marcie says:

    I’d love to visit a real Maori village! I learned poi ball dancing as a child and I’ve been curious about Maori culture ever since!

  4. This is magical! would love to visit here! What gorgeous scenery!

  5. Joscelyn says:

    What a beautiful country with so much to do! New Zealand is definitely on my travel bucket list!!

  6. This is very timely since we’re off to NZ in 3 months. We just got our visa and we will be visiting one of my cousins. Your post just made us more excited about the trip. Thank you for sharing!

  7. maria says:

    wow, what an amazing adventure, I would say! It even made me want to go and visit the island! I bet you had the best time there!

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